Imported Fitri knickknacks, Pekanbaru Residents thronged the Lower Market

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Markets Down, dubbed Pekanbaru tourism market began invaded citizens. Lebaran knickknacks imported into the main target.

Down Market is located in District Senapelan Siak River which divides the capital of Riau province. This market has always known as a warehouse sale of goods abroad.

In this three-story market, 70 percent of goods in this market are imported from the Middle East, Europe, Malaysia and Thailand. Goods that some of them illegal entrance into the Pekanbaru directly through the Siak River.

Look just for example, ceramics from small to giant-sized ceramics. There also exist various kinds of crystal and carpets.

In addition to selling home furnishings, in the market that can also be found various kinds of clothing, shoes and belts. Besides hawking products abroad is also available domestic product.

detikRamadan who took a visit this Lebaran, Monday (07/09/2009) This market is now starting to feel crowded with visitors. Pain felt hot there, understand this market is not equipped with air conditioning.

Each stall only with the fan. No wonder today's Lebaran, visitors will shop bathed in sweat.

But market conditions are hot and cramped visitor does not discourage people to go shopping. Residents also began to buy up knickknacks for Idul Fitri. Let's say, where the cake for later in the day Fitri.

Sales of the best-selling cake looks sweet. Place dish Lebaran cuisine is largely the product you are looking for overseas residents. Because, every year the cake dish kept changing.

For example, where glass-shaped cookie jar. If the previous year toplesnya only clear glass, the jar was now even more interesting because it was decorated striking colors.

"The model kept changing every year. That's why, places the cake to target citizens. It's not to mention the various models for the glass ornaments," said Mrs Rodiah Down Market traders in the chat with detikRamadan.

In addition residents also attacked the base of the coffee table, chair cushions and curtains. All of these are imported products. Types of goods were mostly from Malaysia, the Middle East.

"Shopping here is never bored. For all types of goods continues alternating the various models," said Mrs Elis one resident who shops.

It is to shop at Below Market, should be a thick pocket. Therefore, it is worth a little more expensive than domestic products.

Nevertheless here are also sold various knick knacks necklaces and bracelets that cost is quite affordable. Bracelet and necklace ornaments for the women who come from Middle Eastern, and European products can be purchased with a unit price of USD 30 thousand.

"Bracelet and necklace jewelry is very unique, very unique. My entire stock there are 10 pieces for souvenirs to take home village in West Sumatra," said Indah Sintia, students who shop at the Lower Market.
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contoh kartu lebaran tahun 2010 siap download

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gambar unyil

Masjid dengan bayangan

Masjid di malam hari

Ketupat Lebaran

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desain kartu lebaran 2010

kartu lebaran dengan desain sampul keren khusus bagi anda
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Blog ini mencoba menyediakan berbagai macam gaya dan desain kartu lebaran 2010 bagi anda yang merminat silakan pilih salah satu dari kumpulan kartu lebaran yang kami berikan.

Kumpulan Kartu Lebaran 2010 Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1431H

  Kumpulan Kartu Lebaran 2010 Hari Raya Idul Fitri 1431H  
Lebaran sebentar lagi.  Ini ada beberapa kartu lebaran atau kartu ucapan selamat Idul Fitri 1431H yang bisa dipakai untuk dikirim ke temen-temen kamu. Buat yang suka ngumpulin gambar kartu lebaran yang bisa dikirim via BBM, SMS, YM, email, blog, dll monggo silahkan didownload.
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Spandex material remains the mainstay, but is now more enriched with a combination of materials cotton / woven and chifon. Collection without stones and crystals remain advanced. Conversely, the concept of integrated border Up2date offers a more varied.

For example tunic shirt model fitted with robe, long coat ribbon accents on the basic clothing, or a cropped jacket with gingham and a pair of basic counterparts. Suitable for an active and dynamic lifestyle.

Unified, unique and unusual match was shown as a stylish alternative, such as a vest with an accent coupled with the long knit dress with balloon volume. Kapuchon also present as a complementary fashion so that the robe looks more edgy and sporty.

Dress is more formal and glamorous displayed by the application of pearls and beads that make up the ribbon at the top chifon materials. More elaborate embroidery also complete the collection of formal clothes for Lebaran this time.

Comfortable and Stylish Clothing for the Muslim Feast

After one month run fast, Hari Lebaran become moments of the most-awaited Muslims in the world. Relationship to each other and visited the house, neighbors, relatives and friends is usually a fixed agenda for every Muslim who celebrate it.

Lebaran celebrations should also be accompanied by the appearance of good, clean and tidy. With so many activities all day, wear Muslim clothing with a material that absorbs sweat comfortable and easy with simple pieces, a little detail and ornamentation, but still fashionable and stylish.

"Try to wear clothes with a hygroscopic material (sweat absorption), because it helps more comfortable to move. Wearing the veil is also made from a soft and thin with minimal and simple design for easy beraktiftas," said Amelia Prihantono, beauty expert and author of 'Muslimah Light Make Up' .

Meet the needs for Idul Fitri Muslim fashion, fashion label launched Up2date Muslim Lebaran clothes collection with the theme "Enchanting Ramadan." Convenience was the main concern of each sheet of clothes being offered.
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